Tips for interior designers: customer personality inspiration

Tips for interior designers through customer personality. Understanding your customers is a major part of the interior architecture.


It is lonely at the top. People of the personality type of the architect know this all too well. They are comparatively rare and have the most distinctive strategic abilities. Architects make up only two percent of the population and women are among them with 0.8% especially rare. With their relentless intellect, architects maneuver through life as if it were a chess game.


“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The most important thing is not to stop asking questions. “Albert Einstein The personality type of the logician is quite rare and makes up only three per cent of the population. This is definitely good for the logicians, because nothing would be worse for them than “ordinary”. Logics are proud of their abilities and creativity, their unique perspective and their keen intellect. The logician is usually known as the philosopher, the thinker, or the dreamy professor, and is responsible for many scientific discoveries throughout history.


Commanders are leadership personalities of birth. People with this type of personality have charisma and self-confidence, and project authority in a way that mobilizes human resources for a common goal. In contrast to their more sensitive counterpart, the protagonists, commanders are often characterized by a ruthless degree of rationality.


The debater is the devil’s advocate. It is fun for him to break arguments and beliefs and see the scraps in the wind before the public. In contrast to the more purposeful personality types, debaters do not do this in order to achieve a deeper purpose or a strategic goal, but simply out of a whim. Debaters love the intellectual debate as they give them the opportunity to show their effortless wit, their extensive knowledge, and their ability to link arguments and evidence.


People of the personality type of the lawyer are very rare and account for less than one percent of the population. Nevertheless, they leave their mark on the world. Idealism and ethics are innate in them, but they differ from other idealistic types of personality by their determination and determination. Advocates are not idle dreamers, but take concrete steps to achieve their goals and achieve a lasting positive effect.


People of the personality type of mediators are true idealists. They try to see the good things even in the worst people and in disasters, and they are looking for ways to turn things for the better. Mediators are usually considered calm, reserved or even shy, but possess a passion and inner flame that can shine brightly. Mediators account for only 4% of the population and often feel misunderstood. However, when they find like-minded people with whom they can spend their time, the perceived harmony becomes a source of joy and inspiration.


Protagonists are natural leaders, full of passion and charisma. These people account for about two per cent of the population. Often they are politicians, project leaders or teachers, they are friendly and inspire others to achievement and good deeds. The natural self-confidence of protagonists promotes their influence. They are proud of it and are happy to motivate others to improve themselves and their communities.


People of the personality type of the activist are true liberators. They are the heart and soul of every party, but they are less interested in the pleasure and excitement of the moment than in the social and emotional connections they make with others. Activists are charming, independent, energetic and compassionate. They account for 7% of the population and certainly make themselves felt in every human gathering.


The personality of the logistics company is probably the most frequent and accounts for about 13% of the population. The characteristic features are integrity, practical logic and tireless dedication. These characteristics make logistics a vital support for families as well as for organizations that maintain traditions, regulations and norms, such as law, supervisory authorities and the military. People with the personality type of the logistics company gladly accept responsibility and are proud of their work. When they work towards a goal, logistics are not afraid of any effort and effort to deal with each and every given task with accuracy and patience.


The personality of the defender is, in a sense, unique because many of the collective characteristics can be counter to individual characteristics. Defenders are usually gentle, but can be contentious when it comes to protecting their family or friends. They are quiet and reserved, but have well-developed communication skills and robust social relationships. They strive for security and stability, but can be remarkably open to change, provided they feel understood and respected.


Executive forces represent tradition and order. Their conviction of what is right and wrong, what is socially acceptable and reprehensible, strengthen the cohesion of families and communities. People with the personality type of the executive power internalize the values ​​of honesty, commitment and respect. They are willing to advance on difficult routes and are appreciated for their good advice and leadership skills.


People who belong to the personality of the consul are popular – in the absence of a better description. This is obvious because it is a widespread personality type that accounts for 12 percent of the population. In school sports, the consul acts as cheerleader and quarterback, sets the tone, enters the spotlight and leads his team to victory and success.


Virtuous love to explore with their hands and their eyes by touching and examining the world around them with cool minds and spiritual curiosity. People with this type of personality are natural deceivers who do one project at a time, create a useful and superfluous out of pure action and learn from their surroundings. Virtuous often work as mechanics and engineers, and they enjoy taking things apart and reassembling them just to improve them a little.


People of the adventurer’s personality are true artists, but not necessarily in the sense that they paint happy little trees. Often enough, however, they are capable of doing so. Rather, they use aesthetics, design and even their decisions and actions to question the limits of social conventions. Adventurers enjoy to shake traditional expectations with experiments in aesthetics and behavior. They have probably more than once insisted that they should not be put into a drawer by their fellow men.


People of the personality type of the entrepreneur always leave a strong impression on their surroundings. They are noticed most easily at a party by looking for people gathering, for they form wherever they appear. Entrepreneurs joke and entertain with a blunt and earthy humor, and love to be the center of attention. When an audience is asked to enter the stage, entrepreneurs volunteer, or they send a shy friend.


People of the personality type of the entertainer are in a position to spontaneously start jubilation and hustle and bustle and move everyone to participate. Entertainers are tied by the euphoria of the moment and transfer their enthusiasm to others. No other personality type uses more time and energy to spoil others and does so with such a charming style.




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